Atse Iyasu

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Atse Iyasu
PredecessorIyasu III
SuccessorBaeda Maryam
DynastyEthiopian Empire

Iyasu or Joshua was proclaimed nəgusä nägäst (1787–1788) of Ethiopia in Tigray and Gojjam by enemies of Ras Ali I of Yejju. He was defeated in battle against Ras Ali.


He is sometimes given the title Atse, a less familiar Amharic word for "Emperor", to distinguish him from the other Emperors of Ethiopia with the same name.

He may be identical with the Emperor "Yoas" mentioned by Nathaniel Pearce. Pearce reports that "Yoas" was living in Gondar at the time of his death (May, 1813), and died penniless "without leaving sufficient even to purchase a coffin to receive ... [his] remains, or money enough for fettart or toscar."[1]


  1. ^ Nathaniel Pearce, The Life and Adventures of Nathaniel Pearce, edited by J.J. Halls (London, 1831), vol. 1, pp. 124f. Pearce clearly means a different former Emperor than Yonas, for he mentions both in the same passage.
Preceded by Emperor of Ethiopia
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